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Hiab Truck Hire

Image of Hiab Crane Truck Hire in Sydney by Everything Rubbish Removal Do you need to hire and Hiab crane truck in Sydney?

Hiab Crane Truck Hire in Sydney

Crane trucks are an expensive piece of equipment and not all businesses can afford to actually procure one plus pay for a driver for their day to day operations. A better option is to hire a crane truck and driver which is a lot more economical especially if you only require one for a short time. Depending on your business needs, you can opt to hire a crane track for the long or short term.

Important things to consider when hiring crane trucks in Sydney

Local laws – In Sydney there are laws and regulations which can affect what type of crane can be used and what work can be carried out, even what time of the day they can be used.  Because of our experience, we have a great understanding of the Sydney laws and regulations and therefore will assist you in your planning.

Crane Truck brand – Hiab is among the top and most trusted brands when in it comes to crane equipment and a global leader in the manufacture of quality and high performance crane trucks. It is considered by many as the number one brand in articulated crane trucks worldwide and is in high demand across various industries like construction, waste management, infrastructure, agriculture, landscaping, railroad operations and many more.

Operating crew – Our experienced personnel are trained and qualified in the proper operation of a crane truck. Proper care is of the extreme importance in crane truck operations in order to avoid possible accidents. Our qualified and properly trained crew know the limits of the vehicle and are better able to keep the equipment working in optimal and safe condition.

Why hire a Hiab crane truck with Everything Rubbish?

Hiab Truck Hire


At Everything Rubbish we offer our Hiab crane truck and qualified driver at a very competitive price to help you get the job done quickly and without any hassles. Depending on the kind of job that you need done, we feature a full range of equipment suited to just about any lifting requirements. We have the right Hiab crane truck for commercial or domestic work.

We offer Hiab truck hire services with a proven track record for punctuality and overall reliability. Our crew and equipment meet all appropriate safety standards for optimal operation. We only rent the Hiab crane truck and driver as a package and we do not rent the Hiab truck by itself.

What type of jobs can you use the Hiab truck for?

Thanks to the convenience that our Hiab truck hire services offers, our clients can conveniently and cost-effectively get anything lifted from vehicles and boats to machinery and auction collections. Heavy home rubbish appliances such as air conditioning systems and solar panels can be lifted and relocated with great ease.

Some jobs we have used the Hiab crane truck for in the past include  –

  • Relocation of stock boxes from site to site (stock box is a larger size tool box on wheels)
  • Remove redundant lift material such as electric motors, bed plates, misc steel components. (All these require a Hiab as they can weigh up to 1 ton)
  • Remove old metal frame structure from clients houses.
  • Delivery of lift parts or building material to site.
  • Test weight delivery (lift companies have weights that weigh 250kg each on wheels that they use to test the lifts after installation or repair)
  • General rubbish removal.
Pretty much anything that can’t be lifted by hand we use the Hiab truck for.

The Hiab truck specs

  • The truck can carry 3.5 ton.
  • Hiab at full extension of 4.3m will lift 560kg and as the Hiab extends inwards it can lift more.
  • Up close to the truck it will lift 1 ton.

Call us on 1300 559 052 to hire a Hiab crane truck and driver in Sydney.

Hiab Truck Hire Sydney

Our experienced personnel are trained and qualified in the proper operation of a crane truck

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