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Carpet Rubbish Removal

Everything Rubbish: The Ultimate Carpet Removal Service in Sydney

Image of carpet rubbish removal in SydneyHaving new carpet or flooring installed is exciting but trying to get rid of the old carpet and padding is an expensive pain in the neck.
Relying on curbside pick-up to do the job simply isn’t a realistic option, but Everything Rubbish offers a quick, easy and cost-effective carpet rubbish removal service for Sydney homeowners and general contractors.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is to let our carpet removal specialists come in and do the job for you. With the high costs of petrol, pick-up and landfill fees, it might be cheaper to hire the pros than to do it yourself!

We always provide a free quote up front and never try to tack on any hidden fees after the fact. Give us a call today and get those nasty old rolls of carpet and padding out of the garage to reclaim your parking space.

How Contractors Focus on their Core Business by Hiring Everything Rubbish

Our carpet removal teams are trained, certified and insured to work on large commercial projects and construction sites. Instead of investing a tonne of money to hire and equip your own in-house cleanup crew, outsource these tasks to a company with nearly a decade of experience and all the trucks and tools needed to get the job done quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Contracting Everything Rubbish for large scale carpet removal frees up your crew and vehicles to do what they do best.

Call us to schedule a one time cleanup or to request a free quote and consultation on a recurring pick-up plan.

The 5 Keys to Providing Customer Satisfaction in Carpet Rubbish Removal

We’ve been at this for a long time, so we understand exactly what clients expect from a professional rubbish removal service:

1. Show up on time – Reliability and dependability are the cornerstones of our business and when we schedule an appointment we stick to it. Everything Rubbish always gives you a quick courtesy call to let you know that we’re on our way.

2. Arrive with a full crew and the right tools – Completing a job quickly and safely requires bringing all the necessary equipment and enough manpower to the work site the first time around.

3. Removing carpet as is, where it is – No matter where your rubbish is, we’ll come and get it. Up the stairs, across the garden, we do all the hauling and heavy lifting.

4. Come back to complete the job – Carpet and pad removal is messy. That’s why we always come back to sweep up dust and remnants after loading your old carpet into the truck.

5. Cost-effective – Our one fee system ensures that you’ll know up front exactly how much our service will cost, including everything. Considering all that goes into the job, often professional rubbish removal actually costs less than DIY!

Waste Not Want Not: Everything Rubbish Recycles!

We keep our prices low by donating and recycling any used padding or carpeting that is suitable for re-purposing. By eliminating fees at the landfill we are able to pass the savings on to you while helping out others in need and doing our part to keep our planet green.

Before taking on the burdensome task of disposing of old or damaged carpet, give us a quick call to find out how much it would cost to let Everything Rubbish take care of it for you. Consultations are free, so what have you got to lose?

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